Rex Vick, Jr.

He graduated from the UNC-Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler Business School in 1993 with an emphasis in real estate, followed by an advanced degree in mortgage banking in College Park, MD. Obtaining his real estate broker’s license in 1991, before graduating from UNC, promoted his interest in real estate. He immediately entered the world of financing post-graduation, filling executive positions in three large national banks in North Carolina in his first five years out of school, as well as starting a regional mortgage banking firm in multiple states. He issued numerous construction lines of credit to some of the Triangle’s most respected homebuilders; it was through these credit extensions that he fostered long lasting personal and professional relationships with the area’s most reputable builders, which continue to consult and build in Windjam communities today.

Shortly before establishing Windjam Development Group, he developed a golf course and was partner in a golf course management company for the Carolinas. This really spurred his interest in residential development and lead to the formation of Windjam Development. Shortly thereafter, it also made sense to create a homebuilding company that would complement Windjam Development in its neighborhoods. So, through his extensive financial network and intimate knowledge of the construction industry, Rex V. formed Sage Built, a residential building company. Sage Built’s team brings over 75 years of homebuilding experience to its homebuyers. In the impersonal business of home building, he has made it a priority to develop working relationships with his customers. His personal integrity and dedication to customer satisfaction has ensured a strong reputation for the company. In addition, his financial leadership allows for the effective management of client assets throughout each project, giving every client peace of mind knowing that their project is being handled with dedication, honesty, and experience.

After the formation of Windjam Development Group and Sage Built, Rex V. went on to establish Windjam Properties in an effort to provide the highest level of property marketing and sales. Banks and developers routinely call on him to strategically market and sell homes in the North Carolina market. Rex V. is committed to Windjam Properties becoming the area’s top real estate sales and marketing company for new residential construction and land sales in master planned communities. His leadership role in the sister company, Windjam Development Group, gives the company a strong advantage in land transactions as it allows them to resolve challenging development issues through their extensive contacts with local government agencies and community planners. His expertise in design and development starts in the early phases of the construction process, and at the appropriate time he integrates his advertising team and sales professionals.

Rex V. is committed to Windjam Companies being the “developer and builder of the Carolinas.”